Banksy: the iPhone App

September 1st, 2011 | Michelle | 0 Comments

Banksy bestowed upon Sunset Blvd the pictured art just before the Oscars earlier this year. It was also the same week I moved to LA, and upon hearing of the piece I decided I was going to go drive past it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one article that noted what cross streets it was at, didn’t understand LA traffic and, by the time I made it there, it was gone. Not happening anymore. Conceived by Simon Hassett, a huge Banksy fan, Hassett built an iPhone appto track Banksy. The app shows the locationof Banksy art around the globe, offers directions, photos.. It’s like a treasure map to the most famous, elusive graffiti artist around. Seems like a pretty necessary piece of technology when sometimes his art only lasts a few hours, as was the case with The Light Group billboard on Sunset. Although word has it the Las Vegas based management company did get their Banksy back. I wonder who got to hang that in their office.

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