Girls Gone Grey (15 Photos)

March 9th, 2013 | Daniel Anderson | 0 Comments

These girls have gone with grey hair prematurely and deliberately. With everyone else coloring their locks like Rainbow Bright, sometimes an unexpected lack of color is the best way to make a real statement. If you’re looking for a new semi-permanent accessory, maybe try out this trend for yourself. From what we can tell, walking around monochrome can be very sexy and stunning.

Style-Save-Us-Beanie Style-Save-Us-Black-And-White-Flowers Style-Save-Us-Bun Style-Save-Us-Crown Style-Save-Us-Flash Style-Save-Us-Grey-Blue Style-Save-Us-Grey-Glasses Style-Save-Us-Grey-Look Style-Save-Us-Oh Style-Save-Us-Pink-Flowers Style-Save-Us-Portrait Style-Save-Us-Shoot Style-Save-Us-Short Style-Save-Us-Silver Style-Save-Us-Sweater

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