Good morning, Sunshine. Now wouldn’t it be nice coming home to an apartment building colored like a pack of Skittles but in a totally appropriate way? We completely agree. Hand over the vintage-keys for that spot on the beautifully well-lit street, and we’re ready to move in our romanticized texts and frozen butterflies. Here is your morning inspiration..

Style-Save-Us-Apartment-Color Style-Save-Us-Book-Stack Style-Save-Us-Butterflies Style-Save-Us-Camera Style-Save-Us-Flower-Face Style-Save-Us-Keys Style-Save-Us-Lights  Style-Save-Us-Paper-Cup Style-Save-Us-Paris-Birds Style-Save-Us-Poptart-Pops Style-Save-Us-Row-Of-Bunnies Style-Save-Us-Top Style-Save-Us-Vinyl-Tower Style-Save-Us-Weird-Dinosaur OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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