So granted we’re not telling you something you don’t already know.. Hawaii is amazingly beautiful. But with so many other vacation destinations on the radar (Canary Islands anyone?), sometimes we forget about that lone group of islands off the coast of CA. You don’t need a passport, a translator or any sort of power adapters, yet still reap the benefits of endless summer days, a warm ocean, palm trees and tropical cocktails. We’re ready. Now.

Style-Save-Us-Beach-House Style-Save-Us-Big-Lava Style-Save-Us-Black-Sand Style-Save-Us-Calm-Water Style-Save-Us-Coconut-Grove Style-Save-Us-Diamond-Head Style-Save-Us-Gold-Beach Style-Save-Us-Hulu Style-Save-Us-Kalalau-Valley Style-Save-Us-Lava-Rocks Style-Save-Us-Misty-Rocks Style-Save-Us-Nice-Evening Style-Save-Us-Rainbow-Road Style-Save-Us-Resort Style-Save-Us-Wade-In-The-Water Style-Save-Us-Waikiki-Wave Style-Save-Us-Warm-Beach

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