Cats in Hats (15 Photos)

March 18th, 2013 | Daniel Anderson | 0 Comments

We almost feel a tiny bit guilty about these cats in hats. Almost. A tiny bit. Because cats in hats never really seem too happy. But I’m sure these cranky looking felines deep down are enthusiastic about their headwear knowing how happy they not only make their owners, but also the rest of us out there on the interweb who just can’t get enough of their furry cuteness.
Style-Save-Us-Cat-Wraps Grand Debut Of Matilda III Style-Save-Us-Catman-And-Jokes Style-Save-Us-Cute Style-Save-Us-Dandy-Cat Style-Save-Us-Deer-Cat Style-Save-Us-Lion-Hat Style-Save-Us-Nice-Hat Style-Save-Us-Panda-Hat Style-Save-Us-Paper-Hat Style-Save-Us-Pink-Bunny Style-Save-Us-Pink-Hat Style-Save-Us-Pirate-Cat Style-Save-Us-Pointy-Hat Style-Save-Us-Princess-Cat

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