Welcome to the visually beautiful world of animals in suits, artwork by Ryan Berkley. Taking pen to paper and creating portraits fit for a queen, Ryan’s subjects are a bit better looking, furrier and completely adorable. Check out more of his work right here, and integrate one of his pieces in your next office redecoration (we’re planning one too).
style-save-us-bat-in-suit style-save-us-bear-in-suit style-save-us-black-squirrel-in-suit style-save-us-donkey-in-suit style-save-us-giraffe-in-suit style-save-us-hawk-in-suit style-save-us-koala-in-suit style-save-us-llama-in-suit style-save-us-otter-in-suit style-save-us-owl-in-suit style-save-us-penguin-in-suit style-save-us-polar-bear-in-suit style-save-us-raccoon-in-suit style-save-us-shark-in-suit style-save-us-sloth-in-suit style-save-us-white-squirrel-in-suit

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