Ah what an adorable play on words. Book it on a beautiful beach – the travel agent is waiting (Virgin Air) & I’m pretty sure a few Barnes & Nobels are still open. So feast your eyes on these amazingly beautiful beaches and fantasize about laying out on one with your new favorite read. Then.. make it happen. It is Spring Break after all, isn’t it?

style-save-us-water-walk style-save-us-waiting-for-waves style-save-us-tropical style-save-us-tiny-island style-save-us-rock-island style-save-us-purple-lagoon style-save-us-pink-sky style-save-us-palms style-save-us-open-door style-save-us-low-sun style-save-us-looks-warm style-save-us-light-string style-save-us-cover style-save-us-cliff style-save-us-clear-blue style-save-us-bonfire

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