Morning, Sunshine! We’re here with your daily dose of inspiration. On the dockett for today, a few vintage reads, some stunning shots from vacation destinations around the U.S. and sweets to satisfy that morning sugar craving.

Style-Save-Us-Books-On-Steps Style-Save-Us-Bridge Style-Save-Us-City-Scape fh000036 Style-Save-Us-Floating Style-Save-Us-Flower-Eyes-Skeleton Style-Save-Us-M&M-Cups Style-Save-Us-Milkshakes Style-Save-Us-Pretty-Flowers Style-Save-Us-Skull-Knob Style-Save-Us-Sleeping-Fox Style-Save-Us-Sparkler-Jar Style-Save-Us-Take-A-Picture Style-Save-Us-The-Beatles Style-Save-Us-Tree-Shadows

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