Today we feature 15 amazing moments in modern design. These architectural stunners are almost too beautiful (and unique) to believe. Spanning from all areas around the globe, these gorgeous feats of construction make us want to get on an architecture tour in the nearest big city near us, (because you never know what’s hiding around the corner).

style-save-us-arches style-save-us-edges style-save-us-fireplace style-save-us-hole-in-the-sky style-save-us-office-in-the-sky style-save-us-on-the-water style-save-us-out-there style-save-us-platform style-save-us-space-age style-save-us-stacks style-save-us-strange-woods style-save-us-triangle-house style-save-us-wall-angles style-save-us-way-in style-save-us-weird-house style-save-us-wood-grain

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