Bright lights BIG city. Something about nightfall really ups the ante on how good a big city can look. We think it’s the Gotham-like vibe that skyscrapers take under the dark. And yes bright lights means no stars.. but filling in is the incandescent hue coming from the corporate offices and residences that make the skyline. And, in case you don’t have the song in your head yet, here you go. Click me. (Don’t worry, it’s the original: ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ / Jimmy Reed – a la 1961.)

style-save-us-be-careful style-save-us-blue-lights style-save-us-car-rows style-save-us-cup style-save-us-looking-down style-save-us-ny-night style-save-us-outer Rue du CloÓtre Notre Dame, 5Ëme Arrondissement, Paris, Paris, France style-save-us-straight-down style-save-us-tall-mirror style-save-us-tiny-city style-save-us-tokyo style-save-us-towers style-save-us-vegas style-save-us-weird-harbor

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