Paris in the summer? Amazing. No need for scarves, raincoats or any kind of rubber clothing. You can run around the city in cotton dresses and sandals. But – it’s crowded. And you know how everyone loves a tourist (ahem, not so much). But off season in the City of Lights is incredible. The locals are actually kinda happy you’re there (and willing to offer some much needed advice on directions), but the architecture is just as equally beautiful and the lines far shorter. So we’re thinking.. spring break? Last minute trip? You better have that passport. And if you don’t, get it. You never know when you might need to adventure to a foreign country. (or flee for another reason.)

Style-Save-Us-Arc Style-Save-Us-Baguette Style-Save-Us-Deck Style-Save-Us-Lock-Wall Style-Save-Us-Love Style-Save-Us-Night-Lights Style-Save-Us-Notre Style-Save-Us-Out-The-Window Style-Save-Us-Park Style-Save-Us-Rooftops Style-Save-Us-Sky-Down Style-Save-Us-Street Style-Save-Us-Sun Style-Save-Us-Tower Style-Save-Us-Tunnel

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