Get ready to sit back and say “wow”. We present you with 15 photos of amazing moments in modern design. From a bridge that looks more like an Adobe Illustrator vector, to a bed frame that appears to be melting from the ceiling, these uber contemporary architectural feats are too amazing to believe.

style-save-us-bridge style-save-us-cave-bed style-save-us-circle-tower VIVIENDAS DE PROTECCIîN OFICIAL EN MIERES style-save-us-long-glass style-save-us-museum-block style-save-us-nice-balance style-save-us-open-house style-save-us-open-room style-save-us-pool-house style-save-us-spiral style-save-us-strange-inside style-save-us-tall-wooden style-save-us-weird-tower style-save-us-white-hill

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