Morning, Sunshine. Here’s your daily dose of inspiration. We’re kind of having a throw back kind of week with all our talk of Doc Martens, Seattle and now.. a re-invented pastel Super Nintendo controller? Oh where will it end. But take it all in.. Bambi, polka-dots and puppies – we’re here for your morning-in-cubical. We sympathize.

style-save-us-cute-deer style-save-us-day-of-the-dead-hairpin style-save-us-flower-boots style-save-us-flower-cone style-save-us-gloves style-save-us-gumballs style-save-us-horsey style-save-us-pink-rose style-save-us-pink-super-nintendo style-save-us-polka-dot-bag style-save-us-puppy style-save-us-sandwhich style-save-us-shells style-save-us-stirstyle-save-us-fruit-pops

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