Morning, Sunshine. Here’s your daily dose of inspiration. Even sweeter because it’s almost Friday! We’re bringing you a pastel collection of eye candy with demure ballerinas, saccarine sweet notebooks and a Sony Vaio computer that almost makes us rethink our flat chrome Mac. (almost, we said, almost.)

style-save-us-ballet style-save-us-bear-book style-save-us-buttons style-save-us-cozy-room style-save-us-crazy-keys style-save-us-cute-bear style-save-us-ice-cream-clip style-save-us-icing style-save-us-little-cage style-save-us-marshmallow-candy style-save-us-pastel-bedroom style-save-us-piano style-save-us-pink-balloons style-save-us-watch style-save-us-water

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