Check out your closet – if you don’t have some prison inspired stripes in there, it’s time to get some. While the traditional blue & white striped clothing items bring a nautical vibe to your outfit, switching it up for black & white transforms the outfit to a more classy, professional feel. And the color combo works as good on your tush as it does on your sofa. And who doesn’t enjoy every-so-casually matching their living room.

style-save-us-all-stripes style-save-us-and-a-hat style-save-us-chair style-save-us-dress style-save-us-dude style-save-us-nails style-save-us-on-the-beach style-save-us-pant style-save-us-pillot style-save-us-pool style-save-us-red style-save-us-standing style-save-us-stripe-shirt style-save-us-sun style-save-us-three-chairs

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