Modern art is, like, weird. And we have 15 photos to prove it. We’re accustomed to a bit of cat fur in the ol’ cup of Joe periodically but photo number 5 is taking the accident a bit far. And numero 7 – they stole the default for WordPress. If you’re a blogger, you’ll know what I mean. Check out our collection of modern art that will make you ask.. is someone really making a living off of this? Oh yeah they are.

style-save-us-chairs style-save-us-corner style-save-us-couch style-save-us-dissolve style-save-us-fur-lunch style-save-us-glass style-save-us-hello style-save-us-in-a-box style-save-us-lion style-save-us-neon-art style-save-us-origin style-save-us-pencil-tree OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA style-save-us-sheep-phones style-save-us-weave

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