Do you say ‘I do’? We do. Maybe not to a prospective hubby standing at the alter, but to any of these adorable felines in their finest tuxes, we’re all in. Who wouldn’t want a lifetime with a furry, adorable, (always) rescued friend? And when you put them in their formal wear, you’re living with an internet sensation just waiting to happen. Check out our great gallery of cats in suits. Somebody is ready for their close up. Hint, hint.

style-save-us-bow-tie style-save-us-brown style-save-us-bus-stop style-save-us-family style-save-us-monopoly-cat style-save-us-office-cat style-save-us-old-times style-save-us-old-west style-save-us-party-cat style-save-us-plaid style-save-us-smoking style-save-us-style-cat style-save-us-too-cool style-save-us-tux style-save-us-white-tux

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