These unbelievably beautiful beaches are so gorgeous they’ll have you packing your bags ready to move to the coast. With summer up on us, we’re vying for a seaside camping trip, complete with campfire, marshmellows (duh), a brand new hoodie and plenty of space on our iPhones to capture every moment. (Note to self, delete some sh*t off your phone. Storage full.)

style-save-us-take-a-rest style-save-us-swing style-save-us-surf-and-sand style-save-us-starfish style-save-us-in-the-distance style-save-us-hot-tub-beach style-save-us-heart-wave style-save-us-half-and-half style-save-us-focus-water style-save-us-fire style-save-us-dock style-save-us-bed style-save-us-beach-hill-houses style-save-us-beach-bug style-save-us-above-it-all stule-save-us-amazing-cove

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