It’s April – which means we can officially start our countdown to Memorial Day. To prepare ourselves for the celebration, we’ve collected 14 photos to remind you to start getting your red, white and blue together in a special place in your closet. While Memorial Day is a day off work, a great reason to BBQ & Beer and the official start of summer, it’s also a very important holiday to the USA. Be ready to show your patriotic self on May 27th and get inspired right here.

Style-Save-Us-Amazing-Cake Style-Save-Us-Bandana Style-Save-Us-Cake-Pops Style-Save-Us-Car-And-Flag Style-Save-Us-Converse Style-Save-Us-Flag-Run Style-Save-Us-Flag-Top Style-Save-Us-Fruit Style-Save-Us-Glasses Style-Save-Us-Gone-Skating Style-Save-Us-Heels Style-Save-Us-Stars-And-Stripes-Socks Style-Save-Us-Sweater Style-Save-Us-USA

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