While Vans may be the State Shoe of California, Chuck Taylors are truly the original timeless sneaker. And nowadays (vs. the days of yore), they make a pair for everyone. But if you catch a version you really love on the racks, buy them immediately.. because after the fact, they’re hard to track down. Example: me. Version: the American Flag Chuck Taylors. Okay, so how many days before Memorial Day do I have? New project. Go.

Chucks_USA_Studs Chucks_Studded Chucks_Stick_Peeps Chucks_Standard Chucks_Skulls Chucks_Gold_Studs Chucks_Fishnets Chucks_Double_Ride Chucks_Crew Chucks_Couple Chucks_Brit_Legs Chucks_Boy_Girl Chucks_Bow_Pants Chucks_Black_Studs Chucks_Black Chucks_Bed_Boy

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