Among the reasons to want to become a baby baller (i.e. helping homeless animals and people alike), wouldn’t it be nice to have a crib where one of these amazing chandeliers would be necessary? I mean, you couldddd hang one in your studio apartment (and +10 points if you do), but generally speaking, you need a foyer big enough to satisfy a Real Housewive of Beverly Hills. Check out these amazing fixtures.. and then get back to work. The only way you’re going to be able to afford one of these (or the casa to match) is being an all-star at that desk job. Or.. play the lottery.

stylesaveus-beautiful-chandelier stylesaveus-chandelier-black stylesaveus-contemporary-chandeliers stylesaveus-dining-room stylesaveus-diy-pallet-chandelier stylesaveus-exposed-brick-and-chandelier stylesaveus-handelier stylesaveus-incredible-chandelier-wow stylesaveus-modern-bedroom stylesaveus-modern-glass-chandelier stylesaveus-space-like-chandelier stylesaveus-the-knot-lighting stylesaveus-white-modern-chandeliers

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