Morning, Sunshine. Here’s your daily dose of inspiration. And since it’s only Wednesday (dreadful), we’re serving up some very serene settings. Pastel infused photographs of rivers, clouds and even a city-scape. Combine that with some sugary sweets (calorie-free when it’s only on your iMac), and you are ready to dive into this lovely mid-week work day.

style-save-us-above-the-clouds style-save-us-arc style-save-us-balloons style-save-us-blue-falls style-save-us-buttons style-save-us-cam style-save-us-cute-food style-save-us-guitar style-save-us-laptop style-save-us-pink-pretz style-save-us-pink-walk style-save-us-pops style-save-us-tiny-vials style-save-us-water style-save-us-waves

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