Morning, Sunshine. Here’s your daily dose of inspiration. This collection of photos is getting us geared up for a weekend that includes festival printed nails (Coachella is next weekend after all), Electric Lemonade, high waisted shorts and cute kittens in front of blue stuff. Perfection. *Purrrfection.

styleaveus-blue-cocktail styleaveus-decked-out-nails styleaveus-high-waisted-shorts stylesaveues-hollywood-gorgeous stylesaveus-argentina-road-trip stylesaveus-beaches-this-way stylesaveus-blue-ocean-love stylesaveus-camera-ready stylesaveus-cotton-candy-clouds stylesaveus-cute-kitten

stylesaveus-the-real-paradise stylesaveus-cutest-kitten stylesaveus-do-something stylesaveus-STAHP

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