Looking for a way to burn max calories in minimal time? Welcome to the world of spinning. You know that dark room in your gym that 90% of the day goes unused, filled with streamlined stationary bikes? Yeah that one.. You should try it. Here’s the deal – spin classes can be daunting. I get it. People dripping in sweat (gross), instructors who looked like they just stepped out of Fitness Magazine, periodically singing with their 90s remix and telling you “do it because you can”.. Good advice, fair enough. But if you’re into a more casual approach to starting the exercise craze that allows you to burn somewhere between 500-1700 calories in 45 minutes, here’s a method.

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Let me just say, if you’re up for joining a class, go do it. The instructors aren’t as mean as they tend to look, and should be fine with answering any questions you have. Scared to look dumb? Welp we’ve all been there – not knowing how to strap our sneakers into the clips..awkwardly adjusting the bike just to realize – yeah – I’m definitely sitting 4 inches below where I should be. If this sounds like your worse nightmare, introduce yourself to spinning by going it solo. I’m sure there’s a great how-to-use-a-spin-bike tutorial on YouTube somewhere, and outside of that, there is just one key measure to success: what is on your headphones?

The optimal way to burn max calories is through mixing up what you’re doing on the bike. Sprints, runs, climbs.. these are all accomplished by adjusting how fast you’re peddling, combined with how much weight you have on your flywheel (ahem, the wheel). Crank up the weight, it’s going to be harder to push. Crank it down, it’s going to be light and you will be swiftly reminded of running too fast on the playground where – you’ve seen it.. crash & burn. You’re not going to go launching off the bike, but peddling too fast will feel uncomfortable and is a means to tweak a knee… so take it easy, keep that weight lever with some resistance on it, and you’ll be good. (Need to stop quickly? Crank it all the way up.)

Now that we’re through the technicalities, the key to success and sweating your ass off is what’s playing on the radio (you iPod, iPhone, Walkman). As I mentioned before, burn max calories through mixing up your pace and resistance. A peddle should reach the ground on the beat, or double time.

Here’s our first Spin Your Ass Off Mixtape. Proceed:

The band is The Colourist, song is “Little Games” / good for on the beat, consider sprinting during the chorus. If you have some considerable weight on the wheel, you can always drop it down for the sprints, then up it again for the majority of the song. Don’t be too concerned with staying perfect on the beat when switching between sprints/runs/climbs.. just get to where the work is comfortable, then regain the beat. Yeah?

The band is Fiction, song is “Careful” / Great for a climb, on the weird bass beat. Progressive climbs are fun – start at a particular weight, then periodically add just a bit to the weight always keeping on that same pace. At a certain point it will be hard to stay on the beat (b/c the weight has increased considerably).

The artist is DIGITS, song “so cold”. Download the free mix tape right here. / Slow songs ironically work really well for climbs (be-cuz they’re slow..) or sprints – doubletime!

Artist: Ploy. Song: Gold. This song will warm your stone cold heart. Maybe.

And because every good spin session includes some hip hop, here’s some Kanye-sounding Diggy Simmons. Name sound familiar? Well part of it does. This is Rev. Run’s fourth kid – Run DMC blood flows. Sidenote: anything with a handclap in it makes for a great spinning song.

Artist is MO, song is “Pilgrim” – MS MR Remix – who.. btw.. blowing up. Follow them: MS MR

Artist: Featherlight, Song: “Skye” / Bit more dancey..

Artist: Haerts, Song “Wings”. Amazing. Great for peddling double time – just on the beat is a bit too slow for anything else. Consider sprinting during chorus. Keep up with them here.

Takes a second for the song to start but worth it. Artist is Coasts, song is “Oceans”. They must live in California. Or, like, in another place that resides by the sea.

And we’ll end with this because, with many things, it’s important to finish strong. Great beat, old favorite. And he has a new album coming out. Artist is Kid Cudi, Song – Cudi Zone

1. The Colourist “Little Games”
2. Fiction “Careful”
3. Digits “So Cold”
4. Ploy “Gold”
5. Diggy Simmons “Hello World”
6. MO “Pilgrim”
7. Featherlight “Skye”
8. Haerts “Wings”
9. Coasts “Oceans”
10. Kid Cudi “Cudi Zone”

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