“Sweater Weather” hit the scene last year and it quickly became the song you hit ‘repeat’ on while drowning out the depressing/annoying calls of coworkers who you shared cubical space with. Then, we got sick of it. As with most indie pop hits there comes a time when the sound of the intro of that previously beloved song makes you want to yack, instead of dance. Thankfully, we have a whole album now. And.. here’s the excellent news – they’re all good. The lyrics are pretty standard LA story telling, reminding us of some Lana Del Rey song writing. (Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice? Sure Lana. Here we hear about cars that don’t reach their expiration date – because.. well, ballers don’t need to drive 4 year old vehicles in Bev Hills.)

You can pick up the whole record from The Neighbourhood’s store. Give it a test run right here though.. link below. Like them on Facebook right here.

 photo StyleSaveUs-The-Neighborhood-Album-Cover-I-Love-You.jpg

Must Listens: “Alleyways”, “Flawless”

 photo StyleSaveUs-The-Neighborhood-band-photo.jpg

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