Tell Cher and Dionne ‘not need to pick me up’.. after all, they’re, like, north of Sunset. Check out brand new on the scene.. LYFT: Your friend with a car. Well no the person picking you up isn’t your friend, but they could be. Hopefully they don’t listen to crap music. (Just in case, bring your own mix tape. Or headphones.) Lyft is an app for your iPhone or Android and, beckon it, and you get picked up – talk about service. Plus they have loads of insurance, and guarantee drivers to be over 23 years old (thank god) & background checks.


Looking for a part time job? You get paid to pick up your soon to be new besties with amazing taste in music. ($20 an hour. Not bad) Cab drivers across the country must be so. pumped. But – sidenote – LA really needs this. (Taxis pretty much do not exist in the city of Angels.) Prepare to be amazed..

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