Oh the love between a boy, his man-made girlfriend and his 2013 cobalt Kia Forte. While I would like to offer some criticism of homeboy in the blue dress shirt getting an overly hot robot girlfriend – I mean he’d probably get a 4 not a 10 right? – even in robots. But given the California mansion he parks outside of.. who knows. Or maybe he has a rad personality. Or stunning taste in music. Which the later two understated qualities would take the cake for this 6. Even if he did drive a Kia.

What’s more important in this saga is.. the music. Kudos to the creative director here because the soundtrack for the commercial makes the whole scenario completely plausible. If my next date is playing College & Electric Youth when I step foot in his ride, it may just be love at first listen. We won’t mention (well, too expressly – don’t hyperlink everything, ok Michelle?) that the tune was featured in a little money maker movie called Drive, starring another 10, named – what is it – oh, Ryan Gosling.

Moral of the story..and this went for Cargo pants in 2009 as well.. wait until the trend is over, i.e. Old Navy stops selling them, then bring ’em back like Rihanna on stage in Atlantic City. (Never happened. But – it could have.  I’m only lying about the Jersey Shore.. she did rock the attire a year tardy, and a dollar richer.)

Here’s the commercial:

Here’s the song:

Here’s the still:


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