In an effort to do something on Memorial Day aside from BBQ, enjoy the day off of work and compile large amounts of photos of American flag printed Litas, headscarves, high waisted shorts and chuck tailors – here goes my nod of appreciation to the country in which I live.

You can talk sh*t as you wish.. Much of it is due, and I am right in with the criticism. But I truly respect and appreciate the fact that I was born and live in America. And today isn’t about kicking off summer, celebrating the start of camping season, a rare occasion to wear your stars & stripes Lacoste sweater or painting your finger nails in the most patriotic design one could imagine. It’s about respect and remembrance. So maybe in between the vegan hot dog, Coors Light and red frosted cupcakes, take a second to pay homage to what those three little letters mean to you. And maybe, just maybe, blare some Springsteen while you’re at it.



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