Oh to be young again. A 16-year-old developer broke Vine. If you aren’t in on the Vine craze yet, it is a video sharing platform that only allows you to post 6 seconds worth of video.

It gets more complicated. Or simple. I guess it matters how you look at it. You can’t edit Vine productions. Once you start, you can hit pause during the recording, but cannot rearrange the video clips you are capturing. It might sound tricky, or useless, but the results that people have produced are nothing short of amazing. Have an affinity for stop-motion videos? You will love these.

Back to the original news, Kiddo broke the platform by Rickrolling Vine. What’s Rickrolling? Oh just the internet sensation that is Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up” appearing in places it shouldn’t. For example, you send your coworker a link that says “Funniest Cat Fail Ever“, obviously he’s going to open it, but instead of Whiskers falling off the counter, he gets this:


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