In the world of music, sometimes an original song just can’t be touched by a cover. Other times, it can. An example of this would be Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero‘s ‘Dear Believer’ off the album ‘Here’. Eddie’s version, or pardon – Alex Ebert with his back up band, is alright.. kind of skippable as far as the whole record goes. But conversely, the remix by Timmy the Terror: Put. That. On. Repeat.

The truly amazing element of this story though is the fact that Timmy the Terror is one Timmy the Terror Anderson, former member of ImaRobot. For anyone who just started following Alex when he created the Magnetic Zeros and subsequently released his solo album Alexander, his original home in music was with.. wait for it.. ImaRobot. And it was.. wait for it.. completely amazing. So much so that it made those of us who’ve been following Alex’s music history for a while now pretty depressed because with the success of his later efforts, it may mean ImaRobot is gone forever. But here’s hoping for a reunion anyway.

The original:

The (better) remake:

And for old time’s sake..


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