((Spoiler alert: last week’s drama was soo much more interesting. And I’m obviously referring to the Frances Bean Cobain-Kendall Jenner Twitter war.)) But for now we will have to settle for Sean Parker, of Napster and later Facebook fame, v. the trees in the Redwood Forest.

To summarize, Sean got married. Sean married a pop star. Sean spent $10 million dollars on said wedding. Sean got ‘fined’ $2.5 million for the impact of the wedding on the natural preserve. Sean explained. And, to bring us to the present, we are now waiting for Joffrey Baratheon to attack Sean for harming what could be his present tense maiden land.

Ahh I don’t even watch Game of Thrones but I’ll tell you who must.. Sean Parker. Given the circumstances, it looks like he has a serious affinity for the HBO fantasy drama. In any case, Seaniepoo and Mrs. Seaniepoo tied the knot but not without a lot of discussion on how he decided to do so. A common opinion in the aftermath has been that, while billionaires are entitled to outrageously lavish nuptials, they should be able to host them without having to build fake waterfalls, ruins, ponds and bridges in a place as environmentally sacred as the Redwoods in Big Sur.

Personally I feel that while it is in fact true – you can spend your money how ever you damn well please, $10 million on a wedding just to get a photo you could’ve very well taken on the Twilight set currently in storage over at Universal Studios, is wasteful. And, let me check, I think there are still starving children in Africa.

Here are some photos of the wedding, the lovely couple, and a few Photoshopped versions that were too good to leave out. If you would like to read the original, due attacked on Sean, it was written by Alexis C. Madrigal of The Atlantic, here. And Sean’s response, here.








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