It’s hot. I want to go swimming. If I lived in NYC, I’d be hard pressed to find a spot to do so. I’d probably have to go to New Jersey. And even then I’d be knocking on doors (scary thought) or trying to get a temporary membership to the YMCA where, in all liklihood, I’d have to share my lane with some 6 year old brat with floaties on.

Well, no more. As of this week, Plus Pool, the floating pool project, is fully funded. What’s more impressive is that this could very well be the first, “crowd funded civic project the world has ever seen”, according to it’s founders. Who, btw, yep – you saw this coming – have Kickstarter written all over them.

Icing on the cake, homeboys look like hipsters. Floral shirt and round glasses included. Icing on top of the icing on that cake, (so like the writing in frosting on the frosted cake), says ‘The pool also cleans NYC water!’ What! A filtration system and a swimming pool. That. Shit. Cray. Check out more on Plus pool right here.

Prepare to be blown away..



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