We are legitimately bummed. Bummed+ I think would be the official feeling status. Turntable.fm has officially closed. If you didn’t know what it was, well – you’ll never know. Here’s a nice adios for you. Like they say, in summary, the show is over. Turntable.fm was a, I want to say widely popular music sharing site – but even with an audience, it doesn’t mean long term success. Which is exactly what this start up endured. Closing the door.. yesterday. (Literally yesterday I was on the platform – I’m a daily user! And I hate exclamation points, but this is a big deal.)

In honor of the music sharing & listening platform, here are 21 (yes 21!) songs we heard first on Turntable.fm. Here’s hoping the viral bug of death is shared in such a widespread fashion that the website is back up and running by week’s end. Because, really, there is no alternative. And don’t even utter the words Spotify to me.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. / If You Didn’t See Me Then (Then You Weren’t on the Dancefloor)

San Cisco / Beach

Born Ruffians / Needle

Yacht / I Walked Alone (Get a Room! Remix)

Chester French / She Loves Everybody

Baby Alpaca / Wild Child

Rocket & the Ghost / Goodbye

V V Brown / Everybody

D-D-Dance / The Royal Concept

Little Hurricane / Crocodile Tears

We Have Band / Where Are Your People?

Jamie Isaac / Softly Draining Seas

Postiljonen / All That We Had Is Lost (I Wanna Know, Whitney Houston cover)

Trophy Wife / Canopy Shade

Blondes / Elise

White Arrows / Fireworks of the Sea

AlunaGeorge / Outlines

Joan as the Policewoman / The Magic

Circ / The Night We Danced Without a Care

Chvrches / Falling (Haim Cover)

Hozier / Take Me To Church

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