Spin Your A** Off: Music for the Ride

February 1st, 2014 | Michelle | 0 Comments

Here’s the music for round three. If you’re looking for some how-to instructions.. the simple solution is match the beat. And, as the homie in my class this morning should’ve known, if you’re not sweating, you’re not doing it right. Here’s a more detailed version with some actual useful information on doing a spin class. And here’s the music for it. Or for your cubical. Either or. (Spinning burns more calories though.)

((Full Playlist at Bottom))


Beach House – ‘Lazuli’

RIP Q and Not U – ‘Soft Pyramids’

B. Hamilton – ‘Gold Tooth’

Class Actress – ‘Weekend’

Francis & the Lights – ‘For Days’

Sleigh Bells – ‘Beach Girls’

The Veils – ‘The Stars Came Out Once the Lights Went Out’

Amsterdam – ‘Yes You’

Wolf Gang – ‘Back to Back’

Choose a side, black or blonde: K-OS – ‘Sunday Morning’

1. Beach House – ‘Lazuli’
2. Q and Not U – ‘Soft Pyramids’
3. B. Hamilton – ‘Gold Tooth’
4. Class Actress – ‘Weekend’
5. Francis & the Lights – ‘For Days’
6. Sleigh Bells – ‘Beach Girls’
7. The Veils – ‘The Stars Came Out Once the Lights Went Out’
8. Amsterdam – ‘Yes You’
9. Wolf Gang – ‘Back to Back’
10. K-OS – ‘Sunday Morning’

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