Don’t Look Back in Anger..

February 4th, 2014 | Michelle | 0 Comments

Or do. Either way, Facebook is giving you a nice & easy way to reflect upon your time on the social platform as they celebrate their 10th birthday. Courtesy of Mark himself, take ‘A Look Back‘ at highlights of your life as presented by FB. While mine is pretty lame, (I quit FB in ’08 and then rejoined in ’09), what’s really amazing is how quickly the minute:02 video populates. I wonder how many of these we’ll see exported to YouTube, by means of filming it on your iPhone. (No export/save feature.) Bummer Mark, bummer. Oh, but Happy Birthday Facebook. Here’s wishing you another successful, life-tracking 10 years.

See the last 10 years of your life as conveyed via social media right here.


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