MG: So the social strategist at Delta accidentally thought there were giraffes in Ghana. I mean there are giraffes in Africa right?

Peter: Yes. Ghana has Elephants. Lions. I feel like it’s not insane to conclude that Ghana might also have giraffes.
thinking sloth

MG: Meanwhile that poor social manager is like.. drinking heavily somewhere.

drunk cat

Peter: ..questioning their life decisions..
Bruce Willis consider a different job

MG: ..pondering why they didn’t work for the government. Maybe as a postal carrier.

Peter: ….what do you know about postal carriers that I don’t?
What do you know I don't

MG: Work outside, get exercise (multi-tasking), government job ($$). And I bet you could read other people’s magazines before you deliver them.

Peter: You cooooould maybe. But it’s a federal crime to read other people’s mail.
against the law

MG: Magazines do not count.
magazines don't count

Peter: is your name on the magazine?

MG: Peter are you going to call the cops on me?
in trouble

Peter: I think it’s more of a citizens arrest kind of scenario.

citizens arrest

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