As Mashable asked, and I’m going to repeat as it couldn’t be said better, “How many artists does it take to properly cover a Beach Boys classic?” Evidently like a million.

Over 2 dozen artists including Lorde, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell, Florence Welch, Dave Grohl and Elton John, joined OG Beach Boy Brian Wilson, to recreate the song. Why? Charity. And to launch BBC Music.

While we don’t really get the insane creative direction & production of the video.. Except that some agency had some pro bono budget to burn through (yeah right), the results are pretty good. And the cause, great. Proceeds from downloads will go to BBC’s Children in Need, and you can buy the song starting at midnight Tuesday, October 7th.. Thought I can’t find where. But it’s coming to a below pre-approved vendor soon:

24-7 MusicShop LLC, 7Digital-MP3, Amazon Digital Services Inc, Apple Inc, BlinkBox, Catch Media, Deezer, Fonestarz (H3G), Global Media Vault, Google, Imediacast, Inprodicon, MediaNet, Nokia Music, Omnifone Hong Kong, OnMobile Live Inc, PCMusic, Qobuz, Rhapsody, Telefonica, VerveLife Direct, Vidzone, Xbox Music (Audio).

Now the real question – what exactly is BBC Music. With fanfare like this for the launch, we’re thinking something big (ish). Duh.


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