Mixtape Monday Vol. 4. 10 tracks to kick off your work week. #cubicallife.

With a distinctive voice like Ellery James Roberts’, it’s easy to tell within the first few words that LUHd is home to the same frontman as former indie sensation WULYF. Dream Koala was a little on the nose with their band’s name because Odyssey will make you feel like you just dozed off into a heavenly state of slumber. And with looks and a deep voice reminiscent of Florence and the Machine, Laura Welsh has a new album out recently, and off of it, ‘Break the Fall’. + 7 other tunes to make sure your Monday is just slightly less miserable.

1. Luh – Unites
2. Dream Koala – Odyssey
3. Laura Welsh – Break the Fall
4. Vaults – Vultures
5. Laura Welsh – Bound (Kanye West cover)
6. G R A C E – Pluto
7. Kyiki – One
8. Shawondasee – Gems of Pure Light
9. Them Swoops – Rollerskate
10. Big Data – Dangerous (Oliver remix)


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