Mixtape Monday Vol. 5. Ten songs to make the start of your work week – dare we say – fun? I mean we are approaching the time in the year where the streets are alive with the spirit of Christmas. Nope? Scrouge? Alright then. Allow the following to improve your mental state.

Absofacto has it. This song is pretty good, but overall he’s one of those artists that I get on a stream and every song, I’m like who is this. And every time. Absofacto. Who knew good things came from Michigan.

Mesita’s remix of Fever Dreams. Oh hell yeah. So, Mesita – get ready to put this on repeat. This is how you become the villain by the way. Like, officially.

Everything Everything – Cough Cough? Totally totally – a great video.

Conversely, Alison Wonderland – try to ignore the video. And I like skateboarding culture.

Final notes. Uh hi Cold War Kids – welcome to killin’ it when I thought you weren’t relevant anymore. My bad. And who knew you were from San Pedro. Dream Koala, I love you. Listen to ‘Odyssey’ and you’ll totally get it.

1. Absofacto – Mobius Strip (Thru My Fingers)
2. Foreign/National – Life Tourist
3. Everything Everything – Cough Cough
4. Hollow & Akimbo – Fever Dreams (Mesita remix)
5. Breton – Electrician
6. Alison Wonderland – Get Ready (feat. Fishing)
7. Cold War Kids – First (Hold My Home)
8. Snowmine – Tital Wave
9. Jamie XX – Girl
10. Dream Koala – Odyssey


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