Here’s my question: when a respectively notorious style blogger develops a creative partnership with a sneaker brand, and that sneaker brand turns those respectively coveted (come on, ‘notorious style blogger’? yeah) sneakers into backless sneakers – do all the squirrels in the forest die? We’re pretty sure they do. (Sidenote: no image you will ever see on this site will ever depict an animal being hurt or injured. #Squirrels.)

Superga, we dig you. Obviously. But really. The Man Repeller x Superga satin sneaks turned into half sneakers that really no one should wear, and we’re not surprised they’re on sale? Come on. I get it, the Olsen Twins (gah, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen) made socks + Birkenstocks widely popular. I’d rock them in a heart beat. (It’s also cold as shit here.) But heel-less sneakers? Why.

Oh but good job on the fluoros.

Here’s the do, and the don’t.



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