It’s winter; you might as well look good. Trying to recall the days of LA, I do believe when you live in a 365 warm weather climate, you miss wearing er maybe just buying cold weather clothes. Those of us enduring 20 degrees on a Thursday, have no sympathy for you. But whether you’re buying for style, or for.. weather. Here are some options that may help you look good doing it. Keep in might, these coats haven’t been vetted by anyone actually living in 20 degree weather. Hence, along with these purchases, buy these.

Sidenote: I refuse to post any jacket/coat over $300. Find something better to do with your money & freeze your ass off. Or, wait for that shit to go on sale. Oh and no fur.

All below items can be found at Revolve.

1. Obey Oxford Jacket, $151
2. Bardot Veronika Faux Fur Coat, $220
3. BB Dakota Finleigh Wool Jacket, $127
4. Sanctuary City Coat, $269
5. For Love & Lemons Wanderlust Faux Fur Jacket, $246

These (5) jackets are your next steps toward some degree of winter style. These jackets + 3 underlayers, 2 parkas on top, faux fur mittens, and hot hands. Go get winter yo.






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