Homelessness is a major issue in every city. In what could be considered a successful beta test, some folks in San Francisco are doing something about it. Lava Mae is an organization who built mobile showers and is offering them for use to homeless people. With a motto that everyone deserves to be clean – and a follow up that.. good luck getting a job if you’re not clean – something as simple as a shower can be all the difference in what is capable, or not capable, for a person.

Currently the buses are available 3 days a week, with full service to be launched in Spring 2015.

How do you get involved? Welp there are numerous ways, also cool. You can donate to the organization, and their mobile shower building efforts. And (or) you can help out on their wishlist – browsable on GOODdler, there are products the Lava Mae org needs to run – like soap, toothbrushes, garbage bags.

Here’s the deal – I know people have different thoughts on homelessness. And if you’re wondering what some are, just read the comments on any pro-bono, support-the-homeless initiative’s public comments (on YouTube or Mashable..). And I get it – I work my ass off in a corporate gig, and about 15 people every day ask me for money on my way to and from the train. I won’t get out my poli-sci books and cite statistically why mental illness is rampant among the homeless, or why government/religious resources for them aren’t always enough. What I will say is way more simple – can you imagine not being able to take a shower at the exact moment you decide you want to? Brush your teeth? Go to the bathroom? Drink a glass of wine? I get into the argument often about ‘what homeless people do with their money’ – it’s their money. If I lived on the street, well I’d probably be dead in a corner within a few days. After spending everything I had in my pockets to drink the pain away.

It’s hard. It’s a degree of ‘hard’ I can’t imagine and hope I never have to endure. Fall camping was challenge enough for me. Living on the street? Pfft. Certain death.


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