Australian synth duo We Are the Brave will have you dancing at your desk. Not standing at your desk. But do stand at your desk. Because that shit is killing you slowly.

Wulf – sounds like a combo of the piano pounding of Trail of Dead (kinda one of the best bands ever, with one of the crappiest websites ever), and The Black Keys, whom – I just realized the irony, doesn’t have a piano player at all.

And in a similar tone & feel, but a little grime (and Australian) – The Growl.

If Architecture in Helsinki and Matt & Kim had a kid, it would be named Brothers.

Ploy, always good for some electronic happy noise. Just two dudes from Maryland. If you’re looking for some better than ambient sound to keep on in the background at that next dinner party, press play on their Soundcloud.

This Anne-Marie person: bets in; she’s going to blow up. British, style-y, nose ring – done.

And anything that’s considered ‘dream wave’ like Gems, we’re game. Make friends here.

Talos totes reminds me of my fav band of the month, London Grammar. Maybe mixed with some Alt-J. Pained vocals but here we’ll throw in a dash of dubstep. Just for fun. #Addsomespice

Interpretive dance comes with We the Wild.

And I’ll listen to just about anything Foals remixes.

1. We Are the Brave – Your Ghost
2. Wulf – Fire
3. The Growl – Cleaver Lever
4. Brathers – We Are Pushing On
5. Ploy – Elevator Talk
6. Anne-Marie – Forget My Number
7. Gems – Sinking Stone
8. Talos – Bloom
9. We the Wild – Trampoline
10. Wild Beasts – Palace (Foals remix)


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