The modern day Gloria presented by Mating Ritual. The OG by Van Morrison from the 1983 ‘The Outsiders’ soundtrack.

And speaking of soundtracks, evidently Jose Gonzales lent this song to the one for Walter Mitty.

Tei Shi – sounds like Lykki Li.

We are friends. And because of that, I’m sharing that song with you. Because it’s great. Follow these guys here. They have like no friends. Ironic, but it won’t last long.

Bored Nothing is always a good listen. Sounds like the new, old Beach House.

Interpretive dance in music videos for indie bands seems to be becoming a trend. Works with a low budget? But Valar’s Anoesis is still good. Mixtape Monday

Dance, dance: Aussies Angus & Julia Stone mixed up by Lakechild. Sounds a whole lot like Foster the People.

Ready for nap time? JK. ‘Green Light’, the first single, off Lanks’ debut EP is make-out session ready music. Stay up. Listen to more here.

Lastly, Tora. Another Australian. Are people actually buying music down there? A lot of good bands coming from down under. Support the cause. Buy music. Or concert tickets. Or posters.

1. Mating Ritual – Moonlight
2. Jose Gonzalez – Step Out
3. Tei Shi – See Me
4. Shining Bird – See Me
5. Tape Runs Out – Friends
6. Bored Nothing – Let Down
7. Valar – Anoesis
8. Angus & Julia Stone – Grizzly Bear (Lakechild remix)
9. Lanks – Green Light
10. Tora – Admire


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