It’s always fun watching the lifetime achievement award parts of award shows with your mom. For example, while I primarily remember Debbie Reynolds as Grace’s mom on Will & Grace (on which she was amazing), she is known for a whole, ahem, lifetime of work.

Tonight at the Screen Actor’s Guild award, her daughter, Princess Leia (yes Princess Leia), presented her with the award, and made reference to her favorite movie, Singing in the Rain, but which came with her least favorite hairdo, the bun. She spoke of warning her daughter of bad hair dos in Hollywood Films. And then laughed at Carrie Fisher’s fate.

Watching the 5 minute synopsis of her body of work, remembering seeing The Unsinkable Molly Brown as a kid, and appreciating the talent she has brought to the scene for 65+ years.. I think I’m going to be Net-Flixing a search of Debbie Reynolds in the near future.



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