There’s a reason why this is important, and it’s more than developing a successful business OR the alarming statistics surrounding safe sex. The reality is that women, young women, don’t like carrying condoms. Why? Plainly said, it’s embarrassing. They aren’t a blast to buy, they aren’t a blast to carry – and while I don’t cite social stigmas often, there is a reality behind them. I remember buying condoms at say 20 and whether or not I got a look from the check out lady at Jewel, I definitely thought I got a look from the lady at Jewel. And I very well did. Meanwhile fast forwarding to 2015, dropping my handbag in an office meeting and condoms roll out? Really just kill me now.

Now regardless of whether or not I should feel this way, I do. Or have. Hence this video is easy for me to get on board with. A young lady is trying to change how women feel about both buying and carrying condoms. And the ‘revolution’ she’s creating is pretty plain and simple.

Package condoms in a female-friendly way (i.e. in a pink tin), make them easily accessible (other than at Walgreen’s – but who knows – maybe that’s the future. Put them next to the feminine products. Gals pleasantly get to shop their monthly anyway.) And make said packaging discrete. So when you do trip, fall, and allow your whole life to be sprawled out on the elevator floor, there will be no shame.

To that point, there is none. Safe sex as often as you want to have it, and with whomever you want to have it with, is your business. But if Lovability makes it easier to be responsible – it’s here now. If they had a latex-free version I’d be buying immediately. But not for the tin, and only partially for the vision. Mostly because the world of condoms is owned by hyper corporate, billion dollar conglomerates that spend millions on advertising, not enough on innovation and very little on saving the world. Go small.


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