The Wrinkles of the City, L.A. by JR

This video starts off a bit slow, but is definitely a must watch. And if you happen to be living in LA, it will make you want to give yourself a pat on the back for surviving it. “But.. it does have it’s good side. Little kids..think I’m Santa Claus”, says one of french artist JR’s subjects when asked about his atheistic and, yes, wrinkles. This is the story behind JR’s time in Los Angeles, while completing his Inside Out Project. In the background, Beirut ‘Nantes’. Lykke Li ‘I know Places’, Sacha Di Manolo ‘Side of Your Life’, Erik Truffaz feat. Sophie Hunger ‘Let Me Go!’ (more…)

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Dabs Myla Christmas Mural

Nominated for power couple of the year, artist duo Dabs Myla may be the coolest transplants in LA. Coming from somewhere far, far away (with those accents), they took to Culver City, CA this past holiday season to do some art, and some good in the neighborhood. Check out what they’re up to now right here. We got word of the story over at LRG. Dabs Myla special thanks to Carlos Gonzalez, Thinkspace Gallery, Ironlak Paints & Branded Arts. (more…)

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