Tinder Proves Useful.

Tinder Proves Useful.

Yeah so it already had a semi-legitimate use – as a time-burning, frustrating, albeit nice escape from all the other apps on your iPhone. You can swipe left or right on neighboring men and women’s profiles near you, get a little ego boost, and the never talk to that person again.

But things just got interesting when interns from an agency in NYC, BBH, teamed up Social Tees Animal Rescue, and put their cutest mugs on the dating app. What resulted was 2,700 matches between singles in the area and 10 homeless dogs on Tinder.

Not all the pups have yet to be adopted, but the more important take away is in what technology, even when constructed for a completely different and much more egotistical purpose, can do for others in need. Read more here.

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