10 Best Products @ Birdwell Right Now

10 Best Products @ Birdwell Right Now

Birdwell Beach Britches was founded way back when in 1961. The surfwear brand has a touch of nostalgia, a lot of color (our fav is the punchy orange), but – most importantly – has a dedication to quality-made products. Their mission statement? To inspire people to, “..buy less stuff by buying better stuff.” Skip the quantity, go for quality, and here are a few recommendations.

The Newport Jacket, in paprika, $129.95.

The Garment Dyed Raglan Crew, $89.95, in Orange.

The Merino-Blend Hoodie, $169.95, in Indigo & White.

Surfstretch Tac Shorts, $109.95, in polka dot.

Gear Bag, $39.95.

Chambray Work Shirt, $139.95.

3 Stripe Comp Tee, $49.95.

Cotton Knit Sweater, $129.95.

Corduroy Work Shirt, $89.95, in olive.

Corduroy Shorts, $89.95, in olive.

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