Album of the Year

Album of the Year

If you’re looking for a good time for New Years Eve in Chicago tomorrow night – you’re in luck. A little band called The Good life is playing The Abbey Pub. Fronted by a guy who may be one of the best story tellers, song writers of.. ever.. Tim Kasher. Sound familiar? Cursive. And Tim Kasher.

This song takes me back to a certain time so vividly I had to reach out to a friend I have barely spoken to in 10 years. We used to dig The Good Life. A lot. After Facebook messaging her, and putting on this song for a third time, I caught a glimpse of the album cover. I was all – woah I see that often. Yep. Framed album on the wall. ahhhhhh.

The track listing for the album actually.. not the easiest thing to find. I mean when you name your album, “Album of the Year”, you are, in the grander world of SEO (search engine optimization), competing against every album of the year. And this year – what – who takes it – Iggy Azalea? Kill me.

Allow me to do you a service:

The Good Life (band name) presented the album “Album of the Year” in 2008, and you can (should) buy it from Saddle Creek.

1. Album of the Year
2. Night & Day
3. Under a Honeymoon
4. You’re No Fool
5. Notes in his Pocket
6. You’re Not You
7. October Leaves
8. Lovers Need Lawyers
9. Inmates
10. Needy
11. A New Friend
12. Two Years This Month

If you think it sounds depressing you’re probably right. But the reality is, Mr. Kasher assumes personalities, (or very well may be an absolute nightmare to be married to), and tells those stories as his own. The music is good, the words – make you think about life, and the combination – perpetually impressive.



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